The Best Lipstick for Fair Skin

If you are fair skinned, finding your best lipstick shade is important to make your overall look more put together. Fair skin women often commit mistakes in using a lipstick color that does not match their skin tone, making them look dull or older than they really are. So what is the best lipstick for fair skin tones? Let’s find out below.

Women with fair skin tones should wear lipstick shades in nude or neutral colors. There are so many choices such as soft shades of pinks, mauve, rose, corals and apricot. The trick is choosing a shade that is one or two shades deeper than your lip color. Going for the darker browns and plums will not complement your skin tone. It will make your face look very heavy and unflattering.

 If you want to use red lipstick, just pick a shade that matches your undertones. You can try the softer red tones first and see if this suits your skin color. Don’t be afraid to experiment on different shades of reds until you get the one you can use for life.

 Fair skin women will never have any problems in choosing the lipstick that they will look good on if they put care in what they will use. The best lipstick for fair skin women is achievable with the right kind of knowledge and enough patience!

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