Best perfumes for summer 2013

In the ancient world, the perfumer`s palette was limited to resins and gums, but they were as desirable as precious gems. Scent was believed to have a sacred power, which gave it a place in religious rituals. Coco Chanel famously demonstrated the clout of scent when she sprayed her iconic Number 5 around a restaurant dinner table, drawing the curiosity of every woman who passed by that evening. That initial response revealed only a little of how revolutionary the perfume would be. It changed the universe of fragrance forever, but even a classic scent such as Chanel Number 5 cannot be worn on every occasion. In the summer months, the skin takes on a different chemical balance as the temperature peaks, making headier scents too heavy. Summer aromas bring the softer, lighter palettes of citrus and floral to the fore. The most celebrated fragrances have become spring classics, proving that true prominence stands the test of time.

The olfactory art of recreating the scent of spring is epitomized in Kenzo Flower, a sheer, contemporary fragrance typifying urban femininity. Top notes of Bulgarian rose, hawthorn and Palma violets link with a subtle white musk middle note. The multi-award winning perfume set a fresh trend in the early 2000s by establishing a gossamer scent that wraps its wearer in a cloud of blooms. Summer notes are challenging in terms of longevity but Flower lasts long after the first spritz. During an era in which innocence and prettiness were ffted, Flower set a new tone for female gorgeousness.

Calvin Klein`s CK One was a trendsetter in its time but has evolved into a classic as necessary as a pair of well fitting jeans. It was launched in `94 as a unisex fragrance that would captivate an entire market. Klein`s casual sexiness seeped into each note to establish a sorbet of fruit and vanilla perfect for carefree days.

Yves St Laurent has never been matched when it comes to summer scents. Elle is the fashion house`s icon of Parisian urbanity. YSL`s fragrances are always at their best hours after they are applied. Their evolution from top to base notes is nothing less than perfect. Elle is a youthful option for the alpha female, gathering feminine and masculine notes into a single base. Incense hides in the bottom notes while peppery florals give a sharp, crisp character with lasting power.

Every spring, women haul out their bottles of Clinique Happy with their maxi dresses as a ritual in preparation for summer. Spritzing this fragrance for the first day of the season is akin to inviting in a joyful atmosphere for the coming months. Happy has become an everyday fragrance that doesn`t make you feel ostentatious when you wear it on an ordinary morning. Fresh plum and apple are given a stable base of musk and amber, which add elegance to even the simplest t-shirt and jeans outfit.

Tom Ford`s recreation of the Italian fashion house is epitomized in Gucci, an irresistible, impulsive scent with an exotic side. Patchouli is the star of the top notes, but its loud beginning calms within hours to become an understated Oriental bouquet of pear, chamomile and orange blossom. In keeping with Tom Ford`s influence, this female fragrance has masculine undertones, which are light enough to wear in the warmer months.

Fans of Angel y Thierry Mugler will never lose their passion for this summery masterpiece. Its Oriental vanilla notes never fail to draw compliments. Only the sheerest mandarin, cotton candy and melon form the top notes. The underpinning amber, musk and chocolate are light enough to give Angel an appeal throughout the year.

Coco Chanel said, “Fashion passes, style remains.” Time-honored elegance cannot be established without scent. No jewel can substitute for an absence of fragrance and The Healthcounter online pharmacy provides the most precious of these. In summer, scent is always joyful, making way for lighter, more carefree days.

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