The Best DIY Blackhead Mask

The best do-it-yourself (DIY) blackhead mask is going to surprise you. But before we go to it, why do women need to make their own blackheads mask instead of just buying an over-the-counter product? The answer is simple, making a home remedy for stubborn blackheads is safer and much more cost efficient.

Home remedies should not be treated as harmful as long as you choose the right ingredients. The best blackheads mask that you can do at home is easy to make. First off, clean your face with warm water and soap. Then, you will need one tablespoon of unflavored gelatin (readily available in grocery stores), one tablespoon of liquid milk (skim or whole milk, doesn’t really matter) and a microwave oven.

All you need to do is to combine the gelatin and the milk in a clean microwaveable cup or container. Just stir the two ingredients until well blended or if it turns kind of mushy. Pace the container in the microwave for ten seconds. Once done dip the tip of your finger in the mixture and dab a little on the back of your hand. If you can take the warmth of the mixture on your hand, you can now put it on your nose. Layer the mixture evenly on both sides of your nose. Do not put so much so it’s easier to dry and you’ll get better results. Let your nose dry for about five to ten minutes or until dried completely. When dry, peel off and you can actually see all the dirt and blackheads that has been pulled out of your nose. Rinse your face with soap and water afterwards.

This simple step of making a blackheads mask is very natural and will not harm your skin. Although, if you have highly sensitive skin or if you have skin breakouts or acne, it will still be best to let your dermatologist know if you want to try this natural regimen.

Try the best DIY blackhead mask and see for yourself how refreshing your nose will feel after you do it.

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